UnknownYvonne Hofbauer, 25 years old, is R-M technician in Germany and the new face for the last product innovation from R-M.

Yvonne encourages women in our business:

“We definitively need more women. The safety conditions and materials increased and this makes the conditions a lot more attractive to women in this business.”

The winner of the 2016 National Final of the R-M Best Painter Contest in Germany is already the second female participant after South Africa selected and comes from her region.


Ole Kristian Fureid, from Norway, winner of the last International R-M Best Painter Contest 2013  
“My passion and challenge in my job as a technician is to provide the best support and service for all of our customers. And color matching is by far my biggest passion. My tip for the contestants at the R-M Best Painter Contest 2016 is to use the days and weeks before the competition, to mentally visualize that you are competing while doing your everyday work. In this way you will be better prepared to face whatever challenges you might be presented to, with a calm and systematic approach. Use the R-M Best Painter Contest as an opportunity to learn from others and to perfectionalize your work. The Refinish Job offers a variety of challenges every day. Finding the solution to these challenges is what makes the Refinish Job so rewarding. For me R-M is the Solution.”

Ole Kristian Fureid is today working as a technician for the R-M dealer Billakksenteret, who supports customers like DK Karrosserie specialized in the refinishing of 100% Tesla cars.