20151130_143454The final of the “Best Painter 2016” contest between three countries – Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan – took place in Minsk in June, 5-7, in the training center of “EPIO School”.

The jury were the representatives of three countries. The head of the jury was the national trainer Oleg Danko. During the contest the competitors had to perform various tasks: to prepare a surface, to perform “wet-on-wet” painting, to demonstrate the conversion technique, to answer theory questions. Very important were safety arrangements.

The contest draw a response in mass media and caused heated discussions on auto repair forums. The results of the contest were announced by the head of the jury and the competitor from the Ukraine – Alexey Rozyskul – became the winner.

Alexey is 28 years old and he works as a painter at a dealer service station “Autoplaza” in Herson.

After the rewarding ceremony Alexey made no disguise of his feelings:

“It was hard but very exciting. My opponents made almost no mistakes ant until the very end it was impossible to predict who would be the winner. I am happy that it was me. Now I will be preparing for the international final. I will be happy to meet the winners from other countries. I wish luck to everybody
and let the best win !”